What’s Hot: Dissolving strips spark home-whitening segment

Looking to further innovate the tooth-whitening segment and appeal to those who find current at-home whitening products on the shelf inconvenient, oral care brand Listerine has developed new Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips.

According to the company, a national telephone survey of 1,028 Americans age 18 and older found that 72 percent had not tried teeth-whitening strips and one-third said they found current strips inconvenient to use.

What makes the whitening strips unique is that they dissolve on the teeth within five minutes to 10 minutes, on average. There is nothing to remove and no rinsing or brushing, and they leave a clean mint taste in the mouth.

The strips promise to make teeth noticeably whiter in two weeks. The strips also are designed to kill more than 99 percent of bad-breath germs.

The product will be available in August with a suggested retail price of $23.99 to $26.99 for one 14-day treatment (56 strips).

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