W.F. Young takes the reins with latest analgesics ads

Michael Johnsen

W.F. Young recently updated its packaging graphics across its Absorbine Jr. external analgesic line that not only will serve to contemporize the brand, but also will play off the company’s heritage of developing pain-relief products for horses and the potency of the product (i.e., “strong enough for a horse”).

The graphics will be supported by a new $3 million national TV advertising campaign with the tagline “Strong enough for a horse, strong enough for me” that helps connect the company’s horse heritage with its present lineup of pain relievers. Those commercials are expected to air on networks, including CNN, Fox News, AMC, SoapNet and Oxygen.

Today’s new carton and label graphics picture a galloping thoroughbred next to a fit, healthy runner. The product with the new packaging first started shipping in June.

Absorbine Veterinary Liniment first was introduced in 1892 by Wilbur F. and Mary Ida Young as a liniment to relieve the muscle pain of horses. It was that initial launch into equine pain relief that in 1903 inspired the introduction of Absorbine Jr., an external analgesic rub formulated to help relieve the muscle aches and pains of people.

In addition, W.F. Young has slated two new Absorbine Jr. external pain-relief product introductions to its lineup early next year: Absorbine Jr. On-the-Go wipes and Absorbine Therapeutic gel. The new Therapeutic gel contains the brand’s strongest Absorbine formula with 10% menthol—a factor that’s expected to appeal to more active consumers under the age of 35 years, company officials noted. And Absorbine Jr. On-the-Go wipes represent a new delivery system in the category—it’s the only external menthol pain reliever available in a towelette format—that should appeal to a younger, more active demographic, according to the company.

External analgesic rub sales

TOTAL $273.1 -4.6%
Icy Hot 69.5 10.2
Bengay 34.8 -3.8
Private label 32.5 8.8
Aspercreme 16.6 -4.7
Salonpas 12.5 2.1
Tiger Balm 11.4 13.6
Perform 7.3 22.7
ActivOn 5.4 -29.6
Stopain 5.2 -3.8
Neuragen PN 4.9 5.0


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