Westport Pharmaceuticals launches Zephrex-D, a tamper-resistant PSE formulation

ST. LOUIS – Westport Pharmaceuticals on Tuesday launched Zephrex-D, a tamper-resistant pseudoephedrine-based decongestant that now is available in retail stores throughout the St. Louis region and the state of Missouri. 

The unique formulation of Zephrex-D provides decongestant relief for consumers while protecting against the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine. “The arrival of Zephrex-D is an integral part of a comprehensive solution to help end meth labs and meth-related crime in our local communities, throughout Missouri and ultimately, across our country," stated Paul Hemings, VP and general manager for Westport. 

Because it is a pseudoephedrine-based product, it still will be available behind the pharmacy counter as regulated by the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005. Some local ordinances require prescriptions to purchase pseudoephedrine products, but Zephrex-D has been exempted from the prescription requirement in several instances, the company reported. 

Westport Pharmaceuticals has applied to the federal government for an exemption from the restrictions created by CMEA, the company reported on its website Zephrex-d.com/. "This exemption would enable retailers to place Zephrex-D back in their OTC sections, return direct consumer access to pseudoephedrine, save time and administrative costs for pharmacists, all while helping to reduce methamphetamine-related crime. Consumers win, retailers win and 'meth cooks' lose."

Zephrex-D is made using Tarex, Highland Pharmaceuticals' patented technology that blocks the meth-making process while still providing full congestion relief for patients. "Our technology frustrates the most well-known methods of drug abuse, i.e. crushing for inhalation and injection, and extraction for concentrating for injection," Highland Pharmaceuticals stated in explaining the process. "Highland Pharmaceuticals can deliver both opioid-based analgesics and pseudoephedrine in GRAS formulation, thereby providing a new and unconventional approach to combat the issue of drug abuse."

According to Highland, when pseudoephedrine is delivered in the Tarex format, the standard extraction process is derailed, making the attempt to extract the active ingredient from the tablet unsuccessful. Accordingly, the resulting output cannot be used in subsequent steps to make methamphetamine. 

Any retailer inquiries regarding Zephrex-D should be directed to Advantage Consumer Healthcare, Westport's national sales and marketing partner. Either Greg Bradley or Clark Brown can be reached at 412-706-5440, or via email at www.advantagechc.com.  

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