West Coast Chill energy drink now available coast to coast

IRVINE, Calif. —  West Coast Chill Pure Energy drink, which contains no sugar, no caffeine and no artificial sweeteners, and which is also available in the world's first self-chilling beverage can, patented and licensed by the Joseph Co. International, has expanded distribution and is now available in locations from coast to coast.

Superior Products Co., Northern California's distributor of Budweiser and Pepsi products now proudly distributes West Coast Chill over a 40,000-sq.-mi. area up to the Oregon border. Founded in the 1940s, Superior Products Company is a family-owned and -operated company.

West Coast Chill, first introduced in California, including 7-Eleven franchises, and then throughout Texas, will now be available on the East Coast. Forty 7-Eleven locations in the Chesapeake/Norfolk, Va., area will begin carrying West Coast Chill products this week. "7-Eleven is known the world over for recognizing emerging brands and trendsetting products, and we are proud that franchises from coast to coast view West Coast Chill in the same light," said West Coast Chill CEO Mitchell Joseph.

West Coast Chill has now positioned itself as a premium alternative brand. This is evident in the success West Coast Chill has had at LA Fitness health club locations in Southern California.

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