Wellco Brands' Healerz For Noses selected for Walmart’s 'Get on the Shelf' contest

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Wellco Brands debut product, Healerz For Noses has been selected for Walmart’s #GetOnTheShelf contest to test the product's commercial viability. To see the product video and vote, visit the "Get on the Shelf" page.

Voting runs from now through September 2. Viewers may vote once per day per product. To vote for a product, visit the product's page and click the Vote button. Judges will use vote totals as an indicator of public support, to help give them an idea of products' commercial viability.

Healerz For Noses is a pain relief cream targeted to soothe the delicate skin under the nose that becomes irritated during cold and allergy season. Currently there is no other product on retail shelves that is indicated for this use, according to the company. The formula contains lidocaine for pain relief, benzalkonium chloride antiseptic to help guard against infection and aloe for its soothing properties, all in a non-greasy base.

Healerz For Noses is specially packaged in single-use packets providing convenient, on-the-go options for consumers. It is available in 6-count trial size and 24-count family size packaging. For more information, visit our website at healerz4health.com.

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