Weis Markets to open superstore

SUNBURY, Pa. Weis Markets on Monday announced it has begun the construction of a 70,000-sq.-ft. shopping center in Forks Township near Easton, Pa.

The new center will include a 63,400-sq.-ft. superstore with the company’s newest store design and a gas-and-go station.

Weis expects to complete construction of the center and open the store in the late spring of 2011.

This is Weis Markets’ third new store announcement.  In July it announced new store projects in two Pennsylvania locations: West Lawn and Bellefonte.

As part of this project, Weis Markets will introduce its newest store design featuring expansive perishable departments, a pharmacy and large center store and HBC departments.  Each department will offer increased selection and variety, the grocer stated.

The new store design also will utilize advanced refrigeration and climate control technologies designed to lessen its impact on the ozone layer and climate change.  These technologies will reduce the store’s refrigerant charge by 50% compared with a conventional supermarket.

The new stores also will feature a number of energy reducing technologies, including: solar/thermal rated windows and reflective roofs and skylights for natural lighting.

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