Weis kicks off Little Ones program

SUNBURY, Pa. Weis Markets on Monday announced the launch of its new Weis Little Ones program, allowing customers to donate diapers, baby wipes and other infant care products to babies and families in need throughout its market area.

"According to a recent study, 1-in-3 moms does not have enough diapers or other basic baby supplies to take care of her baby," stated Karen Buch, Weis Markets director of lifestyle initiatives. "This is a particularly challenging issue. While parents in financial need may be eligible to apply for government funds through [Women, Infants and Childern] or [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] to offset food and formula costs, these supplemental funds cannot be used to purchase the other essential infant care items. With the support of our customers, we will help local food banks meet this critical need."

Customers also can make monetary donations by purchasing $1, $3 and $5 vouchers. Weis Markets will match these customers' donations, which then will be used to purchase Huggies diapers as part of the company's Every Little Bottom program. All donations will be forwarded to local food banks that have agreed to dispense infant care items to families in need.

The program will run in Weis Markets' stores Oct. 17 through Nov. 27.

Huggies Every Little Bottom study of 2,000 mothers in the United States and Canada noted that families who are unable to afford an adequate supply of diapers face difficult choices. Diaper need results in babies being kept in dirty diapers for longer periods or in them wearing washed disposable diapers, which result in increased irritation and make infants more prone to severe diaper rash.

The report found that mothers struggling with diaper needs miss school and work more frequently or they keep their child out of day care, which usually requires a day's supply of diapers. In the report, one mother said, "Having a clean diaper not only keeps their child healthy and well, but lets them know that they're cared for. I think it would be great if food banks and soup kitchens offered diapers also to those in need."

Other major Weis Little Ones sponsors include Johnson's, Weis Bear Essentials and Aveno Baby. Over the next six weeks, customers can purchase diapers, baby wipes, baby lotions, rattles or baby toys, baby shampoos, teethers, baby detergent and bibs or burp clothes, and can place them in designated donation carts.

A list of recipient organizations is available at WeisMarkets.com.

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