Wegmans stores close all photography centers

ROCHESTER, N.Y. Supermarket chain Wegmans is closing down its photo operations, reports this week said. After more 20 years serving its communities with photo services, the company will no longer offer full-service in-store photo development.

The closures affect 12 stores in Wegmans’ Rochester market. This will affect 18 full-time employees and 52 people who work in photo part-time in Rochester, the company said, as well as 63 full-time photo employees and 173 part-timers companywide. Wegmans has said it will try to make adjustments to keep some of those employees in the company.

So far in the past year, Wegmans has closed 9 of its photo departments. The company has said that the closures are largely due to the growing popularity and accessibility of digital photography.

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