Wegmans introduces co-branded glucose monitoring system with Nipro

ROCHESTER, N.Y. Wegmans on Monday announced the availability of its co-branded blood-glucose monitoring systems: Nipro Diagnostics’ TrueResult system and True2go.


“Glucose self-monitoring, along with carbohydrate-counting, helps people with diabetes develop an everyday pattern with the best amounts and timing for food, exercise and insulin,” stated Wegmans nutrition and product labeling manager Jane Andrews. “Later on, they can use testing information to make adjustments. For example, they might check blood glucose levels just before going out for a 30-minute run, and results will help them decide how much extra carbohydrate to eat so that blood sugars don’t drop too low. "


Testing is key to staying on track, added Wegmans pharmacist Brian Pompo, coordinator of wellness and clinical services for pharmacy. “Your daily measures of blood glucose let you know if you have your diabetes under control, and give your healthcare providers the data they need to make therapy decisions.”

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