Weevil Away releases 100% organic pest repellant

OLDSMAR, Fla. — Weevil Away, a 100% organic pest repellant, is a new product that prevents infestations of weevils, roaches and pantry moths that's safe to use around food, the company said in a statment released today.

The product comes in two forms: a liquid spray for cleaning inside drawers and cupboards and a scent pad for releasing a continuous aroma that's unpleasant to weevils and other insects but smells great to humans. Weevil Away is not a pesticide, and it's safe to use in food storage areas without rinsing. The main ingredients of the patented formula include botanicals, such as bay, spruce and mint oils.

"Our product is completely safe to apply near food," said Joe Rodriguez of Weevil Away. "Users don't have to clean out the pantry, wear masks or vacate the area. The smell is actually quite pleasant to people, but weevils, roaches and pantry moths go elsewhere when they catch a whiff. Anyone who has battled a weevil infestation knows how costly and frustrating it can be to evict these little beasts. Weevil Away works the first time, and users never have to worry about accidentally re-introducing the bugs later."

Weevil Away's creators recommend first wiping down potential weevil habitats (e.g., pantries, drawers and cupboards) with the spray solution, followed by an application of one of the adhesive scent pads. No rinsing is required.

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