Wearing the heat off with MiraCool

NEW YORK OccuNomix International has launched a new line of products to keep consumers cool during the hot days of summer.

The new MiraCool plus cooling bandana allows a cooling sensation to pass to pulse points that are carried throughout the body. MiraCool offers a variety of products -- including a neck or collar bandana, headbands, skull caps, hats and cooling vests -- that have been designed to meet the lifestyle and occupations of all age groups. All products are reusable, work without freezing or ice and stay hydrated for several days after simply soaking them in cool water for approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

"MiraCool products are a line of water-activated cooling accessories that can be worn at work, play, indoors or out. Although they look fashionable, they serve a very real function of keeping the wearer cool. And in today's hot climate, staying cool is a priority to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke," said Jennifer McCoy, VP marketing and product development. "With our innovative cooling products, people can feel comfortable, even on the hottest days."

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