Water Quality Association certifies ZeroWater as copper-reducing filter

BENSALEM, Pa. Zero Technologies' new filter pitcher has received a special certification from the Water Quality Association for the reduction of copper found in tap water.

The company said that since water can pick up dissolved solids, including copper and lead, as it travels through numerous pipes to the faucet, its ZeroWater filter pitcher can eliminate such potentially dangerous levels from being consumed, with patented five-stage, dual ion-exchange water filtration technology.


Doug Kellam, CEO of Zero Technologies, said, “This latest certification underscores the evolution of water filtration technology available directly to the consumer to improve the taste and safety of their tap water. ZeroWater can now take yet another step forward in delivering a great-tasting, economic alternative to purified bottled water. Anyone making the transition from bottled water or conventional carbon-based filtration can now make a better informed choice when it comes to comparing the various possibilities for at-home water filtration systems.”


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