Warsteiner to develop holiday glassware

WARSTEIN, Germany An international premium beer brand will be developing a holiday glassware gift pack.

Warsteiner will launch three unique tulip glasses -- designed by Rastal -- which incorporate the Christmas theme throughout three abstract Warsteiner motifs, titled “wishes,” “stars” and “jewels.” Each pilsner glass holds up to 0.25L, and features Warsteiner’s signature gold, with etched graphics portraying Christmas and winter themes. The gift pack will be available in select retail locations beginning in November.

“With premium beers such as Warsteiner, the right glass and the perfect pour can further enhance the taste and presentation,” said Pat McEntee of Warsteiner USA. “Just as wine connoisseurs enjoy different varieties in stemware, Americans now have a growing understanding of the importance of specific glassware in enjoying a premium beer too.”

Visit Warsteiner-USA.com for more information.

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