Walmart vet Ron Loveless joins U.S. Preventive Medicine

DALLAS — U.S. Preventive Medicine on Wednesday named Ronald Loveless its vice chairman. Loveless will serve alongside vice chairman Ron Loeppke, who joined the company in 2008 to direct product innovation, research and clinical standards at the company.

Loveless, a Walmart retiree and first CEO of Sam's Club, will play a key role in guiding the growth of U.S. Preventive Medicine in the United States, as well as international markets, the company stated.

"Ron's expertise in helping to build what became the world's largest company will be instrumental in guiding U.S. Preventive Medicine through the high growth phase of our company in the coming years," stated Christopher Fey, chairman and CEO. "His professional approach, contacts and merchandising knowledge will help lead our company to unparalleled opportunities across the [United States] and internationally."

Loveless was recognized as a key executive in the growth of Walmart by the company's founder Sam Walton in his biography, "Made in America." Since his retirement from Walmart, Loveless has served as a consultant to retail and consumer products ventures in the United States, Canada and Middle East, and special projects with Walmart. Additionally, he has served on numerous advisory boards for startup entities. Loveless recently released a memoir of his career at Walmart, titled "Walmart Inside Out."

U.S. Preventive Medicine has developed a suite of prevention, early detection and chronic condition management products and services that improve health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. The company is partnering with regional healthcare providers on expanding its program, namely its Prevention Plan, a program that enables individuals to determine their top health risks and receive a customized plan and coaching from nurses to lower those risks and become healthier.

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