Walgreens urges Congress to resolve fiscal cliff

A combination of tax increases and reduced government spending could send the economy back into recession.

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens on Tuesday publicly urged congressional leaders to make headway in avoiding the upcoming fiscal cliff if expiring tax cuts aren't reinstated. 

“Walgreens supports the bi-partisan efforts of policymakers in Washington, including the President and Congressional leadership, who are working hard together to achieve consensus solutions to avoid the fiscal cliff before the end of the year," stated Greg Wasson, Walgreens president and CEO. “As we all know, resolving the federal revenue and spending issues to avoid the fiscal cliff is critical to our nation, our economy and further recovery, as well as America’s future global competitiveness," Wasson said. "It is absolutely clear that we need to protect [America's] jobs, health and economic future by avoiding the fiscal cliff, curbing the federal debt and bringing our nation to long-term, sustainable fiscal health."

News coverage regarding the fiscal cliff has focused on the potential impact on American incomes, including this The Wall Street Journal report published Wednesday morning. But resolving the fiscal cliff will also prove positive to businesses outlining calendar 2013 capital commitments. “Businesses like Walgreens … will benefit from federal fiscal clarity to make investments that ultimately advance jobs, growth and prosperity for all," Wasson noted. 


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