Walgreens tapped for national award for its flu vaccination efforts

WASHINGTON Walgreens will be honored later this month for the contributions made to Americans’ preventive health through its massive immunization program during the 2009 to 2010 influenza season.

The National Influenza Vaccine Summit, co-sponsored by the American Medical Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, announced that Walgreens’ had garnered one of four 2010 NIVS Immunization Excellence awards in the category of “corporate campaign” for its nationwide flu shot campaign. The awards honor “the value and extraordinary contributions of individuals and organizations towards improved adult, and/or childhood influenza vaccination rates within their communities,” according to the organization.Walgreens, along with three other health organizations, will receive the awards at the National Influenza Vaccine Summit in Scottsdale, Ariz., on May 18.

Behind Walgreens’ recognition: a huge, nationwide immunization and outreach campaign. “Pharmacists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants administered over 7 million seasonal and H1N1 influenza vaccines across more than 7,000 stores during the 2009-2010 influenza season,” noted the NIVS. The campaign underscored a “commitment to improve public health through ensuring the availability of an easy and convenient source of information and patient care services,” the group added.

“Utilizing the company’s and its employees’ knowledge, skills and resources, Walgreens implemented a campaign that included collaboration with local county health departments in all 50 states and territories, state and federal government agencies, CDC, Influenza Summit partners, the Association of State and Territory Health Officers (ASTHO), and the pharmacy and medical communities,” NIVS added in a statement. “The reach of their services included assisted living facilities, religious centers, shopping malls, schools, community centers and other locales.”

The Summit is composed of more than 400 members representing more than 100 public and private organizations with an interest in addressing and resolving influenza and influenza vaccine issues, according to the group. For more information, contact the Summit’s website at www.PreventInfluenza.com.

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