Walgreens signs new distribution agreement with True Drinks

Aquaball moves into thousands of Walgreens stores in July

LOS ANGELES — True Drinks Inc., a healthy beverage provider, announced a distribution agreement to bring products to thousands of Walgreens stores, the nation’s largest drugstore chain. Beginning in July, True Drinks' AquaBall will be available at Walgreens nationwide.

AquaBall Naturally Flavored Water contains no artificial colors or flavors and is vitamin enhanced with B6, B12, B3 and vitamin C. AquaBall is sweetened with stevia, an all-natural sweetener which means it contains zero calories.

The national availability in Walgreens begins as True Drinks launches a nationwide initiative to support healthy hydration in summer programs.

“We see this as a significant step in establishing our platform and increasing our distribution,” says Kevin Sherman, chief marketing officer for True Drinks. “Walgreens is committed to being a first choice for health and daily living. At True Drinks we’re committed to providing a clear choice for children... A healthy alternative that they actually like.”

True Drinks is supporting programs in three cities in California, Texas and North Carolina that tie the company and community groups together in an effort to supply AquaBall to children’s activity centers.

“Walgreens is supporting a higher standard for health in America,” says Jason Dorfman, national director of sales for True Drinks. “As arguably the healthiest choice for kids today, AquaBall Naturally Flavored Water offers a premium product at a competitive price and is a natural fit for the drug channel.”

AquaBall is wrapped in popular princess characters and superheroes, making it visually appealing to the children who need it most. It is available at all Walgreens beginning in July and features two flavors: berry and fruit punch.

An earlier version of this article attributed a different quote to Mr. Dorfman. We have updated the article accordingly.

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