Walgreens provides clinically validated home infusion PROMs, an indicator of therapy success

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens immunoglobulin home infusion patients reported health outcomes consistent with reported outcomes gathered by the patients’ physicians in the clinical setting, according to new Walgreens PartnerPoint Clinical Management platform data presented Friday at the American Academy of Neurology 2014 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. This outcome analysis is the first to validate patient-reported outcomes measures gathered by any home infusion provider administering IG therapy, a treatment projected to be ordered 10% more often each year that is increasingly provided in the home setting.

Walgreens utilized its PartnerPoint Clinical Management platform — a single solution, interactive clinical system — to capture reported outcomes for patients receiving home IG for either chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy or myositis. The outcomes analysis found the difference between doctor and Walgreens Infusion Services pharmacist-collected PROMs was less than 10% for all IG treatment response measures combined. The results suggest PROMs gathered by Walgreens Infusion Services providers are clinically reliable for physicians overseeing patient care.

“Until now, physicians haven’t had access to clinically validated home infusion PROMs, an increasingly important indicator of overall patient wellness and therapy success," said Lisa Betts, Walgreens program director of immunoglobulin. "At Walgreens, we interact with IG patients regularly and want to provide valid and useful information about patient experiences to our physician partners.” she said. “Regular reporting of PROMs gathered by home infusion clinicians can supplement clinical outcomes and may help the treating physician assess patient response to therapy and make adjustments to help improve health outcomes.”

Walgreens PartnerPoint Clinical Management data is currently available to physicians and other patient care partners via Walgreens IG clinicians, the company noted. Direct access to the interactive clinical system is expected to be available to patient care partners by this summer, providing access to clinical reports, payer reports and PROMs. 

“PartnerPoint is a new paradigm for IG management,” said Tahseen Mozaffar, director of the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine Neuromuscular Program and a member of Walgreens IG Medical Advisory Board. “We needed an evidence-based system to assess IG patient care delivered at home. PartnerPoint promises to deliver that system.”

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