Walgreens promotes 90-day prescription program in Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS Walgreens is promoting its 90-day prescription program at community pharmacies in the Minneapolis area, the drug store chain announced Tuesday.

The 90-Day at Retail program promotion is in response to increasing demand from patients for more choice when it comes to their pharmacy options, Walgreens said. According to recent Walgreens research, nearly 4-out-of-5 patients stated that they prefer receiving their 90-day prescription at a retail pharmacy rather than by mail.

Walgreens pharmacists are trained to educate patients on the importance of their drug regimen in treating their illness or condition and help them identify potential problems caused from drug interactions, allergies, and any other issues based on their knowledge of that individual’s medication and health history.

“We know that patients want choice and access when it comes to their pharmacy options, and that when given the choice, some patients prefer the convenience and comfort of receiving their regular, chronic medications at their local pharmacy over mail programs,” said Brad Wasson, Walgreens VP pharmacy operations.  “In a healthcare environment where patients are increasingly looking for alternatives that make sense for their health, Walgreens is committed to developing programs that reduce overall costs to the system, improve patient outcomes and enhance patient choice.  That is why we are launching our promotion of 90-Day at Retail in Minneapolis.”

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