Walgreens opens comprehensive worksite health center at BMW Manufacturing's U.S. campus

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens and BMW Manufacturing on Tuesday celebrated the grand opening of a comprehensive worksite health center on the BMW campus in Spartanburg, S.C. The 25,000-square foot facility, managed by Walgreens Employer Solutions Group, will provide BMW associates, dependents and eligible retirees a wide range of health services, including primary and occupational care.

Patients will have access to services including physical exams, chronic disease management, dental, vision, physical therapy, high blood-pressure management and personalized health coaching. The center also will provide a laboratory for medical testing, digital x-rays, biometric screenings and mobile mammography scans. And an expanded full-service pharmacy will include private consultation rooms, an extensive selection of over-the-counter medications and a drive-through window.

“Walgreens has increasingly shown how investing in worksite health programs can be instrumental in helping to reduce costs for employers, while improving the overall health and productivity of their workforce,” stated Peter Hotz, Walgreens group VP. The new health center, located on the campus of the company's 4 million square-foot manufacturing facility, is designed to support BMW's continued efforts to manage healthcare costs and improve the health and wellness of its workforce.

"We want to bring quality health care to associates and their families in a cost-effective and efficient manner," added Annmarie Higgins, VP human resources for BMW Manufacturing. "We want to provide individuals greater opportunity to reach and maintain optimal health through education, prevention, early detection and management of existing health conditions."

Walgreens has operated an on-site pharmacy on the BMW campus since 2005.

Recent studies have shown face-to-face patient counseling, and access to both on-site pharmacy and full-service health centers can drive a nearly 10% increase in medication adherence. Nonadherence to medication therapies is a significant barrier to treating illness, with up to 11% of hospital admissions attributable to patients not taking medications as prescribed, Walgreens noted. Nonadherence also is estimated to cost the U.S. healthcare system approximately $300 billion per year. 

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- 2:41 AM
Mark Nicolas says

BMW is the popular car manufacturer in the world. This is a company having lots of employees or workers. The first and most important duty of the company is to provide health insurance or healthcare to its employees or workers. Walgreens now doing such an innovative work by making it easier for the BMW workers. Walgreens opens its comprehensive work site healthcare center at BMW manufacturing's USA campus. The healthcare center looks amazing from inside and it is very comfortable for the people admitted over here.

- 10:04 AM
Ryan Hinds says

It is really very nice for the BMW workers to get the medical facilities near by them and they can get the initiatives of this by using this service for their health. In this way the workers of BMW will able to stay healthy and give maximum efforts in their work. So that the company will be get more benefits of it. Hence it is necessary not in case of only BMW, but all other automobile companies should take the facilities provided to them by the Health Service providers like: Walgreens. So if a health service provider and a automobile company will merge with each other, then it will be really great for the workers of the automobile manufacturing company.

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