Walgreens to open Wrigley Building flagship

CHICAGO — Walgreens will open its latest flagship store in the Wrigley Building on North Michigan Avenue this Wednesday, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune published Tuesday. 

Walgreens helps celebrate the storied history of the Wrigley Building with a mural of the famous Wrigley Building Clock on the floor and stretching onto the wall, according to the report. 

“I think of flagships as being the amplification of a brand and what it stands for and its role in people’s lives,” Joe Jackman, CEO of Jackman Reinvention who has contributed to the design of 14 flagship stores, told the Chicago daily. “The first one we did in Chicago was State and Randolph. It was very, very exciting to see not only the customer community, but the internal community get excited. It’s tangible, I can see it. Flagships can be amazing laboratories for exploring where a brand might go.”



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