Walgreens offers customers free help with Medicare plans

DEERFIELD, Ill. Today marks the beginning of the open enrollment for Medicare Part D plans. It will last from now until Dec. 31 and will allow seniors to pick which plan will be best for him/her.

Walgreens is helping its customers out yet again this year, by offering free information about the plans. The information is given out by, pharmacists enter a list of a patient’s medications and the computer prints out information that gives a detailed list of plans and estimated annual costs including premiums and co-pays, coverage through the “doughnut hole”, savings with generics versus brand name drugs and 90-day supply allowances. This system also allows pharmacists to ask a few questions to determine whether someone may qualify for the Extra Help subsidy, where they pay lower co-payments.

“We understand this decision can be overwhelming, so we are working to make sure people don’t miss out on significant savings because they don’t know how to evaluate their options,” said Kermit Crawford, Walgreens senior vice president of pharmacy services. “We want seniors to know there’s a plan out there that will work for them, and we can help them find it.”

For more information on the personalized report and Medicare Part D counseling services available at Walgreens, contact your local store or go to Walgreens.com.

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