Walgreens leads the way to ‘well’

Walgreens not only is the “Way to Well,” it also is the “Way to Stay Well,” as evidenced by this shelf talker in the dietary supplement aisle that contains a 44-page pamphlet titled “Vitamins & Supplements Q&A: Your A to Z Shopping Guide.”

Inside are reasons to take supplements to both improve health and prevent disease. Specific supplement topics include the best supplements to take to help manage healthy blood-glucose levels, as well as bone and joint, cognitive, heart, immune and prenatal health. 

And Walgreens is targeting more than the baby boomer, who is projected to drive sales of supplements through the next decade — most of the images inside the pamphlet represent younger families.

In addition to the three-plus pages of branded coupons, one of the last pages of the pamphlet contains the list of medical journal references that support the supplement benefits made earlier in the guide.

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