Walgreens Health Initiatives study shows highly managed plans lower drug costs

DEERFIELD, Ill. An upcoming report from pharmacy benefit manager Walgreens Health Initiatives shows that while overall prescription drug costs increased, drug costs on highly managed plans decreased by 0.07 percent.

The report, Walgreens Health Initiatives Outlook, Trend Report 2008, took data from all eligible clients rather than through the random sampling method most companies use. The total cost increase for prescription drugs was 5.66 percent, or 4.8 percent if specialty drugs are not counted.

The report also shows a dispensing rate of 61.2 percent for generic drugs. Clients save 2 percent in the cost of their plans for every 1 percent increase in their use of generic drugs, according to the PBM’s analysis.

Walgreens Health Initiatives is a subsidiary of nationwide drugstore chain Walgreen Co. It has certification from the HR Policy Association, which comprises senior human resource executives of 250 of the largest corporations in the U.S.

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