Walgreens gift cards in demand by American consumers, index finds

NEW YORK An independent research and advisory group found that when it comes to gift cards, American consumers want them from one of the largest drug store chains.

The Global Prepaid Exchange found that gift cards from Walgreens were among the top preferences of American adults, according to 2,300 people surveyed in its Gift Card Performance Index. The drug store chain ranked No. 8 on the list.

Dan Horne, professor of Providence College in Rhode Island and the study’s principle investigator, said the high levels of consumer performance result from an interaction between the store and the gift giver’s perception of the tastes of the recipient.

“If a gift card giver really thinks about the kinds of store that a recipient likes, they will certainly make the experience more rewarding,” Horne noted. “Gift cards tend to be effective gifts because they show thought about the type of stores that recipients like, while still promoting a sense of autonomy and choice.”

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