Walgreens, Express Scripts end dispute

Beginning mid-September, Walgreens will become part of a 64,000-strong pharmacy network

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens and Express Scripts on Thursday ended their nearly year-long dispute with a multiyear pharmacy network agreement that includes rates and terms under which Walgreens will participate in what the companies are calling the broadest Express Scripts retail pharmacy network available. It will include 64,000 pharmacies nationwide as of Sept. 15.

"As I've said, we are in the business of providing a broad range of pharmacy, health and wellness services to help meet the needs of all of our customers,” Walgreens president and CEO Greg Wasson said.  “I am pleased that Walgreens and Express Scripts have been able to reach an agreement that works for both parties and is consistent with our company’s principles."

The companies are not disclosing the terms of the new contract.

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- 11:56 AM
hrmchan@charter.net says

I commend Walgreens for their courage and commitment to pursue what they feel was the "high road" in the long term business and market strategy. They took risks which Caremark and Rite Aid could find the moral strength to support, and as a result broke the strength of their unity. I don't know the the agreed details where and don't care, but suspect yielded consessions by Express Scripts. I hope that the agreement provides terms, in which prevents the others who stood on the sidelines to let Walgreens fight alone ... never get to benefit from the changes, since they also benefited from their inaction and took business away from Walgreens during the fight ! Robert Chan Pharm D.

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