Walgreens expands Web Pickup service to Indianapolis

Service currently available at stores in Chicago and San Jose, Calif.

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens on Tuesday introduced its new Web Pickup service at locations throughout the Indianapolis area. Indianapolis is the second full market rollout for Web Pickup, which enables consumers to shop online at Walgreens.com and pick up orders at a Walgreens store in as little as an hour. The service also is currently available throughout Chicago and at a number of stores in San Jose, Calif.

“Our customers value choice, control and convenience, and Web Pickup brings all of these together to cater to on-the-go shoppers,” Walgreens president of e-commerce Sona Chawla said. “We’ve developed many innovative ways to engage our growing numbers of online shoppers and to make Walgreens.com a great shopping experience. By adding the convenience of in-store pickup and soon more curbside delivery locations, we’re making shopping easier than ever before — especially heading into the holidays and winter months.”

Web Pickup now is available at 71 Walgreens locations in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Most nonprescription items found in-store are available online through the service. Curbside delivery, now offered at select stores, will be added to most Web Pickup locations in the coming months.

By visiting the Web Pickup site, shoppers can build a cart of any size and dollar amount for pickup at any participating store in as little as one hour. Payment is provided online and users have the option to receive either a text message or email notification once their order is ready. Orders can be picked up at the photo counter at participating stores.

Stores offering curbside service also feature designated parking spots for Web Pickup customers.

“To shop online anywhere, any time and be able to pick up in as little as an hour is a great convenience, especially for busy moms, those with children in the car, our mobility challenged customers who have trouble walking the aisles and many others,” Chawla said. “More and more customers enjoy the convenience and intuitiveness of our web site as well as the wide product selection. With Web Pickup they get this, along with the ability to pick up their orders immediately without having to pay shipping charges.”

Web Pickup is one of the new services that are part of the recently transformed Walgreens health and daily living stores throughout Indianapolis.

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