Walgreens enables third-party mobile app developers to integrate prescription refill technology

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens on Monday made available a new application programming interface that allows third-party mobile app developers to integrate the drug store chain’s prescription refill technology. Developers who have scanning functionality within their apps can easily integrate the API to enable their users to order a prescription refill by scanning the bar code on a Walgreens prescription bottle.

“People continue to become increasingly engaged with their mobile devices and use the technology to help make their day-to-day lives easier,” stated Abhi Dhar, Walgreens e-commerce chief technology officer. “By incorporating the Walgreens Prescription API, mobile app developers are providing users with an easy way to refill prescriptions and help them properly take their medication.”

The Walgreens Prescription API has been adopted by several app developers, including Healthspek and PocketPharmacist. “Walgreens' leadership position in technology and consumer empowerment fits perfectly with Healthspek's message to consumers ‘Own Your Chart!’,” noted Randy Farr, president of Healthspek.

"We believe this adds to our goal of helping people better understand and manage their medications [on PocketPharamcist]," added Michael Guren, CEO of Danike, creator of the PocketPharmacist app. 

The Walgreens Prescription API marks the first time such technology is available for adoption among mobile app developers who focus on health and wellness, and it is the second API program offered by Walgreens. Last year, Walgreens launched its QuickPrints SDK and API, which provided third-party developers with the ability to integrate in-store photo services for its users. 

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