Walgreens to carry Kidz-Med 5-in-1 thermometer

NEW PALTZ, N.Y. Kidz-Med, a division of American Scientific Resources, on Thursday. launch its Thermofocus 5-in-1 thermometer exclusively in Walgreens.

Thermofocus records a temperature in a second without touching a child’s skin or ear, using infrared technology. “As a physician and father of two children, I know that no parent wants to disturb or wake a sick child to take a temperature,” stated Christopher Tirotta, founder of Kidz-Med. “All you do is point the Thermofocus 5-in-1 at a child’s forehead and when the LED light beam forms a single red dot, the core body temperature is displayed on an easy to read screen, and it can store up to nine temperature readings.”

Thermofocus can take five different types of readings: core body temperature, babies’ bottle, food, bath water and nursery.

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