Walgreens adopts new data-driven encounter support platform for Healthcare Clinic

BOWIE, Md. — Inovalon and Walgreens on Thursday announced that they have entered into a multi-year agreement to provide Inovalon's data-driven encounter support platform, Electronic Patient Assessment Solution Suite (ePASS) within Healthcare Clinic at select Walgreens to support improvements in managed care quality and performance.

"Through this partnership, we'll be able to utilize the power of analytics to provide a higher level of individualized care to our patients, which will ultimately improve the patient experience and outcomes," stated Heather Helle, divisional VP, Healthcare Clinic.   

"The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving through the material growth in membership within Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid health plans in addition to the launch of the Health Insurance Exchange Marketplaces," added Keith Dunleavy, president and CEO of Inovalon. "Bringing advanced analytics directly to the point-of-care environment is a critical element in achieving meaningful healthcare goals. We are proud to partner with Walgreens to improve healthcare outcomes and promote healthier lifestyles for our client health plan membership populations."

Inovalon's ePASS platform delivers analytics to the point of care, supporting the identification and resolution of gaps in quality, care, assessment, documentation and risk score accuracy. This results in improved patient outcomes, provider insight and health plan performance, the companies noted. 

Leveraging analytical insights derived from the ongoing analysis of more than 7 billion medical events within Inovalon's Medical Outcomes Research for Effectiveness and Economics Registry, ePASS enables a focused, patient-specific encounter to achieve superior benefit and impact for the patient, provider and health plan, the companies concluded.

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