Walgreens' 90-day prescription program ventures to Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. Walgreens has expanded its 90-day prescription program to a city in the Sunshine State.

The drug store chain has brought its 90-day prescription program to Tampa, a program that currently is available in Minneapolis and Raleigh, N.C. Walgreens pharmacists within Tampa have been trained to assist patients with their medication choices and to work in conjunction with local physicians and prescribers to ensure any needed changes to prescriptions are completed, and even directly handle the requirements for patients switching to 90 day.

Walgreens also is promoting the 90-day program in Tampa through direct mailings to the medical community, an advertising campaign, phone outreach efforts and letters to executives of major local businesses discussing the benefits of 90-day prescription refill programs at retail pharmacies.

As previously reported by Drug Store News, Walgreens earlier this month kicked off the program in Minneapolis and Raleigh, N.C., in response to increasing demand from patients for more choice when it comes to their pharmacy options, the company said.

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