VoicePort introduces SynchroScript medication synchronization tool

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — VoicePort on Monday announced that they have launched their Medication Synchronization Program, SynchroScript, along with two of their other adherence services with Tops Friendly Markets Pharmacy, of Williamsville, N.Y. 

Medication Synchronization is an industry solution that has proven to improve prescription adherence through a multiple-tier touchpoint with patients. "Allowing pharmacy patients the opportunity to pick up multiple prescription medications once a month has shown to significantly improve a patient's Proportion Days Covered on their medications," stated Alphonse Sasso, VP business development. "When consumers stay adherent to their maintenance medications, it translates to improved patient health outcomes while also increasing pharmacy efficiencies — a true win-win solution."

VoicePort's systems leverage their proprietary front-end portal as an analysis tool to help pharmacists and staff identify patients to participate in the program. The portal then offers anchor medication recommendations that the pharmacy team can align to get all meds on a once-a-month schedule and calculates the required short fills necessary to help pharmacists complete the task for the patient.  

Each pharmacy also is supported with an automated calling system from VoicePort to enroll patients in the synchronization program, to schedule the pharmacist-patient counseling sessions and to alert patients when their medications are ready for pick-up. VoicePort also provides back-end analytical tools to help measure pharmacy progress on keeping patients on schedule with their medications — a complete turn-key solution to help deliver greater patient health and wellness.

"Capitalizing on VoicePort's technology and automation helps our pharmacies to focus on our patients to offer added care and instruction," said Brian Huckle, director of Tops Friendly Markets Pharmacy. "VoicePort's solutions are automated to complement our pharmacy's workflow to deliver added efficiencies and improved Medication Adherence for our pharmacy patients."

Top Friendly Markets Pharmacies also have launched a patient education and written translation service to assist patients in more clearly understanding their prescription instructions and to assist those who don't speak English in understanding the correct instructions on how to properly take their medications. The solution, Meducation, offers simplified written instructions on a fifth and sixth grade reading level available in 18 different languages. Meducation offers universal medication schedulers, pictograms and device video demos to help patient either at the pharmacy or at home review their medication instructions to ensure proper adherence.     

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