Vitamin Shoppe sues law firm for trademark infringement

NORTH BERGEN, N.J. — Vitamin Shoppe on Wednesday announced that the company had filed suit against law firm Seeger Weiss in New York federal court. Seeger Weiss has been using the company's name and trademark "Vitamin Shoppe" in its domain name and marketing materials, as well as the trademarked Bodytech name in marketing and soliciting materials without the company's permission, Vitamin Shoppe charged. 

Vitamin Shoppe argues that Seeger Weiss is infringing on the company's trademarks on a website designed to solicit plaintiffs for a class-action lawsuit over alleged misrepresentations related to its Bodytech protein supplements and is being harmed by unauthorized use of its trademarks.  

Seeger Weiss had been doing this by using a domain name containing the Vitamin Shoppe trademark to misdirect and mislead consumers to its web site, according to Vitamin Shoppe. Additionally, the unauthorized web site had used pictures taken from the Vitamin Shoppe's web site without permission.

Vitamin Shoppe is asking for a permanent injunction against further use of its trademarks, damages and transfer of the registration of the domain to the company, as well as costs and attorney fees.

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