Virginia pharmacy to join pro-life PFLI

WASHINGTON The Washington Post on Monday published an article concerning the billowing controversy surrounding Pharmacists For Life International, a 24-year-old advocacy organization, formed by a small group of independent pharmacists, which seeks to serve a niche pro-life consumer base by declining to carry any contraceptive products, including condoms, birth-control pharmaceuticals or the over-the-counter emergency contraceptive Plan B, which plans to welcome its latest member this summer—the DMC Pharmacy in Chantilly, Va.

PFLI claims on its Web site that it is the only pharmacy organization that is exclusively pro-life.

PFLI was founded in Cleveland by four pharmacists. According to the Post report, there are presently seven members in the United States.

The DMC Pharmacy opening in August marks an expansion by Divine Mercy Care in Fairfax, a nonprofit health-care organization that adheres to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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