Vireo Systems releases study finding NSAID side-effects more likely among seniors 75+

MADISON, Tenn. — Homeopathic analgesic manufacturer Vireo Systems on Thursday released a study finding that seniors over the age of 75 were six times more likely to suffer side effects associated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 

According to the study, nearly 33 million people, including 13.8 million seniors over the age of 65, regularly use NSAIDs for treating pain and inflammation. Gastrointestinal issues, renal problems and cardiac complications are the top-three most-cited side effects.

"As the next generation of healthcare delivery, including state health insurance exchanges and nonprofit health insurance co-ops, mobilizes toward a prevention-based model — and physicians consider the benefits of prescribing NSAID alternatives first — our study offers compelling support for cost-savings through greater pain management choices and a future free from NSAID side effects," stated Mark Faulkner, president of Vireo Systems. 




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