Vireo Systems launches NSAID alternative for dogs

MADISON, Tenn. — Vireo Systems on Thursday launched CanineActiv, a pain reliever for dogs that will serve as an alternative to NSAIDs. "We have had outstanding success with NSAID alternatives for people, and we knew that many of our discoveries and innovations could be extended to dogs," Mark Faulkner, Vireo Systems president said. "With CanineActiv, consumers can expect the same level of safe and effective pain relief for their dogs as they've come to expect for themselves from AminoActiv."

CanineActiv will be available in two formulations, a safe, non-toxic pain reliever and a version for high-performance breeds. The pain reliever contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient, Alpha-GEE, along with a special formulation of homeopathic compounds for dogs. Alpha-GEE is a unique compound made up of naturally occurring amino acids found in natural sources, the company noted. 

The high-performance breeds product, also known as CanineActiv HP, was created with sporting and working dogs in mind, such as hunting dogs, police K-9 units and service dogs. With fall and winter hunting seasons on the horizon, many of these dedicated helpers will spend hours slogging through cold marshland and wilderness, a perfect recipe for fatigue and achy bones and joints. CanineActiv HP promotes endurance, mobility and recovery from intense exercise. The capsules can also be given as a preventative measure before such activity.

The Vireo Systems online store is now home to both AminoActiv and CanineActiv. However, the company is seeking retail distribution.



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