Violent Lips makes pouts 'sparkle' with new line of temporary lip tattoos

NEW YORK — After seasons of sparkle nails, Violent Lips is putting the trend front and center with Glitteratti temporary lip tattoos.

Available exclusively at Sephora in five shades — red, pink, gold, silver and blue — each Glitteratti temporary lip tattoo offers sparkles that promise to stay put.

Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos are FDA-approved, vegan skin-safe transfers, tested on supermodels, not animals, and made in America, the company stated.

How it works: Shape, size and apply the Glitteratti Lips Appliqués with the mouth open wide to the “Oh” shape. Use plenty of water when applying and wet the lips after they are on to seal and smooth. The base of the Glitteratti line is clear so each color will have a slight variation when applied brought forth by the natural lip color. The patent-pending appliqué can be removed with mineral or baby oil and a textured wipe.

A set of three is priced at $15.95.

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