Vestcom launches turnkey in-store nutritional program

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Vestcom International today announced the introduction of a turnkey nutritional grocery marketing program designed for retailers of all sizes. The new program provides retailers with easy-to-read, data-driven, integrated shelf communications that operate as color-coded nutrition “flags” used to identify foods that meet such special dietary needs as gluten free, healthy kids, organic, and/or heart healthy.

Retailers can use SKU-related tags and related integrated marketing materials provided by Vestcom—a leading provider of data-driven, shelf-edge marketing solutions to major retailers and brand manufacturers in the grocery, drug, and mass merchandising industries—to add value to the shopping experience by helping customers make healthier food choices with quick and simple health and nutritional information delivered at the shelf edge. Like all Vestcom shelf-edge programs, the company stated, these data-driven health and wellness education marketing programs can be completely customized to any store chain specifications.

“The shift toward leading a more health-conscious lifestyle continues to pick up steam,” noted Tim McKenzie, president and chief operating officer of Vestcom. “Retailers have seen an increase in ‘better-for-you’ products lining the shelves.”

The flags, Vestcom stated, both comply with an individual store’s branding requirements and capture the customer’s attention without cluttering the aisles or interfering with overall store design. The tags support clean store policies and have a proven record of lifting sales. Retailers can customize the nutritional program with their own logos and themes to reinforce their stores’ brand identity. The program is generally available to all interested retailers.

“Our new in-store health and wellness programs identify healthy products and streamline shelf execution for the retailer,” added McKenzie. “These programs are a hit because the retailer benefits in many ways. They’re easy to execute, they promote health, and they help shoppers make informed decisions, which makes shoppers very happy.”

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