Vestcom launches shelf solution to ease confusion shopping supplements

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Vestcom on Tuesday launched VitaAisles, a shopper-friendly, comprehensive in-store education program designed to support consumer demand for health information regarding vitamins, minerals and supplements. 

The program delivers those evidence-based claims for vitamins, minerals and supplements at the shelf edge, specifically addressing such common consumer health concerns as heart, glucose, joint and bone health. According to a survey sponsored by Vestcom, as many as 74% of supplement shoppers would like to have more detailed information at the store shelf, and more than half (58%) were confused by the information on vitamin and supplement packaging. 

"The introduction of VitaAisles is an integral part of our commitment to provide retailers with relevant shelf-edge marketing solutions and easy-to-navigate in-store health education programs that meet the needs of shoppers today," stated George Wishart, chief commercial officer, Vestcom. "We see vitaAisles as an effective way to mitigate product and health issues that concern consumers as well as provide an avenue for retailers to increase shopper engagement."


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