Vermont state No. 27 to employ NPLEx in the fight against PSE diversion

WASHINGTON — The Consumer Healthcare Products Association on Thursday applauded the Vermont legislature and Gov. Peter Shumlin for their passage of House Bill 522, which makes Vermont the 27th state to adopt the pseudoephedrine-tracking system known as the National Precursor Log Exchange.

"With Governor Peter Shumlin's signature on House Bill 522, Vermont joins the network of 26 other states already utilizing illegal sales blocking technology," stated Carlos Gutierrez, senior director of state government affairs for CHPA. "NPLEx technology represents an effective and balanced solution to illegal methamphetamine production in Vermont, one that punishes criminals while protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens who rely on cold and allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine."

NPLEx is a tool that allows retailers to block any unlawful purchases of cold or allergy medicines containing PSE and empowers retailers to block illegal purchases at the counter before they can happen, giving communities and law enforcement a tool in preventing the illegal diversion of these medications.




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