Valentine’s Day increases chocolate sales

NEW YORK The one thing most people expect on Valentine’s Day is the classic box of chocolates. The Nielsen Co. agrees, and due to a report released recently, the company predicts that U.S. consumers will purchase an estimated $323 million in chocolate candy this week.

Based on supermarket sales, top cities that sell chocolate are Atlanta, Denver, Cincinnati, Louisville, Houston and Dallas. According to Nielsen, chocolate, which is ranked number one for chocolate candy sales, is not the only purchase that is expected to be increasing this Valentines Day. The report also stated that more pregnancy and infertility test kits are sold approximately 6 weeks after Valentines Day than any other time of the year.

In addition, sales of sparkling wine are higher on Valentine’s Day as well as premium-priced rose wine, which according to the company signifies that Valentine’s Day is indeed a holiday during which consumers choose to splurge.

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