Valeant Consumer Products: Ocean Saline Nasal Sprays most recommended by pharmacists for 15 years

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — Valeant Consumer Products recently announced that its line of Ocean Saline Nasal Sprays has been the most recommended by pharmacists for 15 years running. 

Ocean offers nonmedicated relief from dry and irritated nasal passages due to allergies, colds, flu, sinusitis and rhinitis. The nasal spray is gentle enough for infants and has three delivery options — standing the bottle upright delivers a spray; horizontally, a stream; and upside-down, a drop. 

The company's Ocean Complete Sinus Rinse provides pre-mixed, easy-to-use two-in-one nasal saline therapy: a special nozzle for nasal sinus irrigation and a saline mist applicator for nasal moisturizing. It is also sterile and preservative-free.

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