UTZ offers a healthier option for snacking

HANOVER, Pa. It has always been hard for people to stick to diets with the temptations of “Fat-Full” products that test them along supermarket aisles. In recent years, companies have increasingly become aware of the changing tastes of consumers, and are helping them avoid those particular areas of the supermarket. Those tastes have shifted to include healthy eating and an overall healthy lifestyle.

UTZ has followed along on this idea and is introducing new Multigrain Sunflower Chips. The UTZ Sunflower Chips are the latest addition to the company’s Snacking Smart line. The chips contain 40 percent less fat than regular potato chips and zero grams of trans fats. The chips are available in three flavors—Original, Cheddar Cheese and French Onion.

The Snacking Smart line was created in 2006 and includes 40 other products along with the Sunflower Chips. These products, according to UTZ “showcase products that contain healthy advantages, such as reduced fat, no cholesterol and low sodium levels.”

Dylan Lissette, UTZ executive vice president of sales and marketing, explains that the creation of the multigrain Sunflower chips is just another addition to the company’s dedication to providing healthier options for its customers. “We know that consumers are much more knowledgeable about what they eat and are interested, now more than ever, in snacking healthier,” said Lissette. “That’s what Sunflower Chips deliver, and with all of the taste and quality that people expect from UTZ.”

The ingredients of the chips include whole grains of corn, rice, oats and wheat, and are cooked in 100 percent pure sunflower oil. According to the company, the Sunflower Chips are also extruded, not popped, which makes them full of flavor and crunchy as well. For more information about Sunflower Chips or other products in the Snacking Smart line, visit www.utzsnacks.com.

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