U.S. goverment to sponsor 10 ImClone cancer trials

WASHINGTON The U.S. government will sponsor 10 clinical trials of ImClone Systems’ compound IMC-A12 to treat cancer in the breast, bones, liver, lung, pancreas, and other organs. The compound blocks a receptor on tumor cells that are needed for their development, by acting against a protein called insulin-like growth- factor type 1 receptor, which stops the cells from growing and dividing.

According to Eric Rowinsky, ImClone’s chief medical officer, “Because the insulin-like receptor appears to be active in so many cancers, the co zmpany plans to test IMC-A12 in at least eight types of cancer. The fact that the cancer institute will also conduct 10 trials doubles our capacity right off the bat.”

The company is years away from seeking approval for the drug, but did just begin the second stage of human tests for colon cancer with it.

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