UrgentRx partners with airline on in-flight product placement

DENVER — UrgentRx on Wednesday announced a new partnership with Allegiant Air, one of the country's largest low-cost carriers. Allegiant will be the first airline to sell UrgentRx Fast Powders on-board its flights, available for $2 per individual package, making fast pain relief convenient and affordable to Allegiant's passengers.

"We recognized a need in the marketplace for immediate relief from common sicknesses that put travelers in great discomfort," Jordan Eisenberg, president UrgentRx said. "A partnership between the two companies is a natural fit, given that both UrgentRx and Allegiant Air share the same goal; ensuring consumers are safe and comfortable whenever, wherever, even while 30,000 feet in the sky."

By capitalizing on unused space in the snack carts, UrgentRx can offer airlines the opportunity to gain new revenue while also providing consumers with immediate care, the supplier noted. 

"We are pleased to offer our customers fast-acting over-the-counter medication for rapid relief," Andrew Levy, president and COO Allegiant said. "From take-off to landing, we want each passenger to enjoy their flying experience. Providing travelers with easy-to-take over-the-counter relief of common discomforts is an easy way to make travel more comfortable, which is why we are excited to welcome UrgentRx on-board."



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