UrgentRx expands distribution into Duane Reade, Walmart

DENVER — UrgentRx on Wednesday announced expansion of its line of fast-acting over-the-counter flavored powder medications into Duane Reade and Walmart. 

“As the reputation of our products has spread, we’ve been pleased by the response from consumers and retailers — who are both quickly recognizing that being on-the-go doesn’t mean you have to suffer when common ailments strike,” stated Jordan Eisenberg, president of UrgentRx. “Today, UrgentRx possesses a retail presence in more than 1,200 stores across the country. And through our current negotiations with retailers we expect to be in more than 25,000 locations by Q3 2013.”

UrgentRx was named “Best New Product” by attendees at the ECRM Health Care show in August. Soon after, the company launched its sixth product, Allergy Attack Relief to Go.

“Our goal has always been to make on-the-go ailments as easy to treat as when you are sitting in the comfort of your home within reach of your medicine cabinet,” Eisenberg said. “We’ve been incredibly excited to find that so many people are now considering UrgentRx to be a key part of their life and their health care.”

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