Upsher-Smith's AmLactin broadens consumer outreach via Facebook

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. — Upsher-Smith Labs, maker of the AmLactin family of moisturizers, has announced the launch of the AmLactin Facebook page.

Fans who join the AmLactin Facebook community will receive a $3 coupon for any AmLactin moisturizing body lotion or cream.

"We want to give our fans the inside scoop on exclusive promotional offers, free product giveaways, additions to the AmLactin product line and other skin care goodies — and Facebook just makes good sense," stated Tina Fehr, senior product manager for AmLactin. "We know our customer[s] [are] extremely loyal and we want to hear from them. Facebook provides the perfect venue to communicate."

"Not only is Facebook a natural fit, it will be a place where our AmLactin customers will realize they aren't alone in their dry skin predicament," Fehr added. "Others are experiencing the same situation. We know what they are going through, and appreciate their feedback. The AmLactin Facebook community will bring a new sense of connection to those suffering from dry skin."

The line includes AmLactin moisturizing body lotion, AmLactin moisturizing body cream, AmLactin XL moisturizing lotion for severe, dry skin, and AmLactin foot cream therapy. The products are available at such retailers as Costco, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.

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