Upsher-Smith, NASPA partner to honor pharmacists

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. — Upsher-Smith Laboratories and the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations have recognized 43 pharmacists across the country with a 2016 NASPA Excellence in Innovation Award. Presented annually, the award recognized pharmacists during 2016 for their outstanding contributions to the pharmacy profession. 
“Upsher-Smith is proud to continue our tradition of sponsoring the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations' Excellence in Innovation Award that recognizes the critical role played by pharmacists in advancing patient care," Upsher-Smith president Rusty Field said. “We are pleased to honor these leaders and innovators for their efforts in the pharmacy profession across the country, and we look forward to a future working together to continue to help improve the lives of the people we serve.”
NASPA EVP Rebecca Snead said, “We thank Upsher-Smith for its ongoing generosity in supporting the NASPA Excellence in Innovation Award. This year's awardees have met the highest standards of professional integrity and innovation, and we are proud to honor their outstanding contributions to the profession and to America's patients.”
Each of the honorees received their award from participating state pharmacists associants during separate award ceremonies in 2016. The recipients include:
  • Alabama:  Valerie Albritton Oakley
  • Alaska:  Christopher Chong
  • Arizona:  Rebekah M. Jackowski
  • Arkansas:  Nikki Scott 
  • California:  John Sykora
  • Colorado:  Meghan N. Jeffres 
  • Connecticut:  Jennifer Dizney 
  • Delaware:  Hooshang Shanehsaz
  • Florida:  David Kazarian,  
  • Georgia:  Andrea L. McKeever 
  • Illinois:  Mike Minesinger,  
  • Indiana:  Traci Fritschle 
  • Iowa:  Christine Donner-Tiernan 
  • Kansas:  Brett Kappelmann 
  • Kentucky:  Christopher P. Harlow 
  • Louisiana:  Melissa A. Magee 
  • Maine:  Bob Cattan,  
  • Maryland:  Yen Dang 
  • Massachusetts:  Paul Riendeau 
  • Michigan:  Detroit Medical Center Pharmacy Team
  • Minnesota:  CentraCare Health – Paynesville Pharmacy Services
  • Mississippi:  Kristi Phelps,  
  • Missouri:  Alicia B. Forinash 
  • Montana:  Carla J. Reicks 
  • Montana:  Ty Tyvand 
  • New Hampshire:  Margaret E. Hayes,  
  • New Jersey:  Loretta Brickman  
  • New Mexico:  Allen Plymale 
  • New York:  Ron Del Gaudio  
  • North Carolina:  Courtenay Gilmore Wilson 
  • North Dakota:  Jesse D. Rue 
  • Ohio:  Douglas C. Cornelius 
  • Oklahoma:  Kyle Keith Whitehead
  • Oregon:  Juancho Ramirez 
  • Pennsylvania:  Holly Lassila  
  • Puerto Rico:  Lilliana Ortiz-Acevedo 
  • Rhode Island:  Robert J. Iacobucci 
  • South Carolina:  Tiffaney Threatt 
  • Tennessee:  Joe H. Delk 
  • Washington:  Joshua Akers 
  • Washington, DC:  Emmanuel O. Akala 
  • Wisconsin:  Philip W. Brummond 
  • Wyoming:  Carol J. Hermansen-Kobulnicky
“In our rapidly changing healthcare system, pharmacists are increasingly on the front lines of patient care,” Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association CEO Pat Epple said. “These awards recognize pharmacists who have made significant innovations in their pharmaceutical practices, methods, or services that improved patient care and advanced the profession. We congratulate Holly Lassila and all of the 2016 recipients.”
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