Unilever's Axe to send 22 consumers to space — yes, space — with new Apollo campaign

TORONTO — Unilever’s Axe is going where only few have gone before by giving consumers the ultimate out-of-this-world experience: A trip to space.  To recruit consumers for the journey, Axe is creating the Axe Apollo Space Academy with one of the first men to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin.

By joining AASA at AXEApollo.com, guys and girls will have a chance to compete for 1-of-22 tickets to travel to space on a flight with international space agency Space Expedition.

In the biggest product launch in its 30-year history, Axe is asking guys and girls from 60 countries in 45 languages around the globe to sign up for the AASA by creating their astronaut profile on AXEApollo.com and telling the world why they deserve to go to space. 

"Space travel for everyone is the next frontier in the human experience," stated Buzz Aldrin, legendary astronaut and pilot of the Apollo 11 spacecraft that landed on the moon in 1969. "I'm thrilled that Axe is giving the young people of today such an extraordinary opportunity to experience some of what I've encountered in space."

Axe, known as Lynx in some parts of the world, with SXC has secured 22 seats aboard the suborbital spacecraft, aptly named, the Lynx. SXC, led by CEO Michiel Mol, operates XCOR Aerospace's Lynx suborbital space plane that will take passengers more than 100 kilometers into space, achieving astronaut status.

"The Axe Apollo launch is the biggest and most ambitious in the Axe brand's 30-year history," stated Tomas Marcenaro, global VP for Axe. "For the first time, we're simultaneously launching one global competition in over 60 countries offering millions of people the opportunity to win the most epic prize on earth: a trip to space — yes, actual space.

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