Unilever unveils humor campaign in support of its SlimFast brand

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. — Unilever on Thursday announced a new branding campaign behind SlimFast called "Get What You Really Want." 

The campaign, created by advertising firm the Bull Whitehouse, takes a humorous approach to weight loss communication. 

SlimFast's target, the "Slimmer" have their own reasons for losing weight. The creative focuses on the differences between what women say versus what they think, and select ads feature the thoughts of real women who bravely divulged what they really want. 

"You will not find any of the politically correct reasons 'Slimmers' say they want to lose weight in our ads," stated Wesley Boas, director of SlimFast. "The truthful thoughts on why these women want to slim down are far more powerful, entertaining, motivating, hilarious and human. SlimFast is all about helping women get their mojo back."

The "Get What You Really Want" campaign will appear in print and online across a variety of women's magazines and websites.

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